We shoot corporate head shots for the professional in any industry. We keep it simple, fast and easy and we’ll help you through everything from wardrobe to posing and post production. Fill out the form to book a time in our studio. It’s that easy.


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I hate having my picture taken.


We're done already? Wow, that was really easy.

Everyone, 10 minutes later

Hey Steph, you take whatever liberties you need to photoshop the hell out of me.

Almost everyone

We (Famous Folks) had made the decision, it was time for new headshots. We did not take this big ass decision lightly. We use our headshots for everything, our website, proposals, tinder etc...Full disclosure, we have a working relationship with Applehead. We need pictures for projects and they take pictures for our projects but this was our first time using their headshot service. Liam and Steph made us look like models and none of us are models. If you are interested in updating that headshot you got taken in ’99 because you no longer have mutton chops, holler at Applehead. If you want to have a good time and hang out with some genuinely good people while getting your picture taken, holler at Applehead. Oh, and give Rosie a rub on the belly for us while you’re there.

Jesse Ingals, Famous Folks

Liam and Steph at Applehead Studio have been taking care of our corporate photographs for over a year now. They are fantastic to work with and very accommodating of our needs. The sessions are efficient and the end result is high quality, professional photos that we use on our website, in social media, and in print. Liam is able to put you at ease which allows him to capture the “perfect” shot. We’d recommend him to any company or individual looking for top-notch work.

Amy MacIsaac, Collins Barrow

About Us

Liam Hennessey

A fearless entrepreneur and wildly talented photographer, Liam started Applehead Studio with the dream of reinventing the business of photography. He’s a creative visionary and a risk-taker who loves to push the boundaries of business, photography and life, which basically means he’s never satisfied.

Steph Camp

A savvy planner, observant photographer and post production genius, Steph can always be counted on to see things through to perfection. Clients love her, colleagues respect her, and Liam would be completely disorganized without her. Steph’s ability to balance practicality with creativity ensures that quality always comes out on top. Her beyond-her-years talent advanced her from photography assistant to one of Canada’s top photographers under 30 in just a few short years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price?

Appleheadshots are $99.00 + HST.

What is included in the price?

Every Appleheadshot session included the photos shoot, retouching and one final, full resolution digital file with a full release to use the image wherever you’d like. We’ll email you the final shot right to your inbox.

What if I want more than 1 final shot?

While most people only require one final headshot, you have the option to purchase additional shots for $79.00/each

Do you shoot in colour or black + white?

We shoot all of our Appleheadshots in digital, colour format. If you’d like a black + white headshot, we’re happy to do that for you at no extra charge.

How long does the shoot take?

Appleheadshots takes no longer than 10 minutes and we’ll coach you through the entire process.

Do you provide hair + makeup?

Great question! We’ve found that hair + makeup can make a world of difference for a professional headshot. If it’s something you’d like to have, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with a few of our favorite hair and makeup artists around the city.

How do I select my final shot?

At the end of the shoot, we’ll immediately upload all of your proofs into a private, online gallery and email you the link. From there, you can sift through on your own time and pick out your favorite shot.

Are the final images touched up?

Yes! When your final selection is made, Steph will work her magic and fully edit each image.

Do I have a choice of backdrops?

Yes. We can shoot Appleheadshots on a white, black or grey backdrop and we’ll help you decide the best choice based on how and where you’re going to be using your image.

What should I wear for my Appleheadshot?

That’s entirely up to you but we recommend you try and avoid loud patterns or logos. For most corporate headshots, attire will reflect that of your own corporate culture so if you’re a suit+tie or blazer kind of company, dress in that direction. If you’re in a more laid back corporate culture, feel free to bring the leather jacket and t shirt! If you’re not sure, bring a few options and we’ll help you out when you get here.

Can you do group shots?

We can and we have a great way to photograph your corporate team that keeps it simple for everyone and you don’t even have to be here at the same time. Contact us for details.

Can you come to our office and shoot headshots?

We can certainly do that! We’ve found that it can be disruptive to the workplace when we show up and take over your space and it can also be tough to ensure everyone is available on that one day. Contact us for options on location headshots and in studio headshots and we’ll help you choose the best option for you.

I hate having my picture taken!

We know! That’s what everyone says as soon as they come through the door...but forget everything you think you know about a headshot. We’re not like all the rest!

Our Clients

CTV Halifax

Global Halifax

Famous Folks

Extreme Group


Sailor Bup's Barbershop

Collins Barrow

Keil Properties

Benjamin Bridge



Barrington Group

Venor Search Group

TD Canada

Sunlife Financial

Bryant Realty

Marianna Cowan Realty, MMS

Alicia Melanson Salon

Fraser & Hoyt



Scotia MacLeod

Marco Construction

Crossfit Ironstone

Walker Dunlop

True North DJs


Knightsbridge Robertson Surette

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